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I Will Trust You Lord - The McKameys lyrics

It's funny how we do it, compartmentalize
we plan for success and try to pass the pain right by
but it just doesn't work that way
God has a different plan,
he works in ways we'd never see
beyond the scope of man.

When the journey takes a detour unexpectedly
and I try to except and understand what it all means
when I'm pressed to show the world
what I really believe, I will trust you Lord
when my heart begans to faint because
I see a life so fray,
and my soul cries out oh Lord how long
can I keep this at bay
in the fearest part of battle,
when my feet don't want to stay
I will trust you Lord, I will trust you Lord
with my life.

I may not understand it, and even question why
what good could ever come from this
has even crossed my mind
but God's teaching me to trust him more
as he works his will in me
I rest securely in his care
and surrender sure is sweet

repeat chorus
The Old Path album
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