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Pablo Moses lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Revolutionary Dream (1976) 01. Revolutionary Dream [add]
02. Where Am I [add]
03. I Man a Grasshopper [add]
04. Corrupted Man [add]
05. Blood Money [add]
06. Lonely Singer [add]
07. I Love I Bring [add]
08. Be Not a Dread [add]
09. Give I Fe I Name [add]
10. We Should Be in Angola [add]
11. Come Mek We Run [add]

I Love I Bring (1978) 01. I Love I Bring [add]
02. Be Not a Dread [add]
03. Give I Fe I Name [add]
04. Come Mek We Run [add]
05. Revolutionary Dream [add]
06. Where Am I [add]
07. I Man a Grasshopper [add]
08. Corrupted Man [add]
09. Blood Money [add]
10. Lonely Singer [add]

A Song (1980) 01. A Song [add]
02. Dubbin Is a Must [add]
03. Revolutionary Step [add]
04. Music Is My Desire [add]
05. Each Is a Servant [add]
06. One People [add]
07. Let's Face It [add]
08. Protect I/A Song (Reprise) [add]

Reggae Greats (1984) 01. A Song [add]
02. Dubbing Is a Must [add]
03. Revolutionary Step [add]
04. Last Straw [add]
05. Proverbs Extractions [add]
06. Music Is My Desire [add]
07. One People [add]
08. Pave the Way [add]

We Refuse (1990) 01. I Am a Rastaman [add]
02. The Spirit of Jah [add]
03. Love Is a Thing [add]
04. Charlie [add]
05. Rasta [add]
06. The Life He Lives [add]
07. In South Africa [add]
08. We Refuse [add]
09. Under Your Spell [add]
10. Bad Boy [add]
11. What's the Problem? [add]
12. Spirit of Dub [add]
13. Dub Boy [add]
14. Rastaman Dub [add]

Mission (1995) 01. Will Power [add]
02. Brain Wash [add]
03. He Was Bad [add]
04. Tick Tock [add]
05. One Shot [add]
06. Too Much [add]
07. Never Seen [add]
08. You Got a Spell [add]
09. Stand off Back Off [add]
10. These Are the Days [add]
11. Live up Woman [add]
12. Mission [add]

Confession of a Rastaman (1996) 01. The Confession of a Rastaman [add]
02. Give Up [add]
03. Lynch Mob [add]
04. What We Need [add]
05. Laugh Clowns [add]
06. Is Black [add]
07. African Children [add]
08. Woo-Oo lyrics
09. Life of a Big Shot [add]
10. Nowadays [add]
11. Comfort You [add]
12. Try to Know [add]
13. Everytime [add]
14. I Need a Break [add]
15. Dis Reggae [add]

Pave the Way Dub (1998) 01. Proverbs Dub [add]
02. Straw Dub [add]
03. A Trick Dub [add]
04. Dig to Dub [add]
05. African Dub [add]
06. Before Hell Dub [add]
07. Everyday Dub [add]
08. Pave the Way Dub [add]
09. Sister Dub [add]

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